90WHEREAS the Kurdish people have throughout history been denied recognition as a nation among the other of the world.

AND WHEREAS the Kurdish people have for one hundred years demanded that their right to self-government should be upheld; and by cultural expression, political activity and costly conflict, the Kurdish people during this period have often shown their settled intention to prove the fullness of their claim;

AND WHERES the interests of other nation have prevailed, particularly by reason of the suppression of Treaty of Sevres of 1920 by the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923, and further by the consequences of the Treaty of Ankara in 1926.

AND NOTWITHSTANDING these facts the political will of the Kurdish people has been manifested by necessary rebellion and conflict, which have however failed to achieve freedom, unity and justice for a nation too long suppressed:

NOW THEREFORE the KurdLand Homeland movement DECLARES to the family of nations as follows:90

pulsarThe Kurdish people demand for themselves those rights and freedoms which other nations expect, value and possess;

pulsarThe Kurdish people demand the unity of purpose from their leaders and reconciliation of opposing views, which until now have continued to harm the interests of the nation;

pulsarThe Kurdish people by their economic contributions to the prosperity of other nations have shown their competence to develop the rich resources of KurdLand;

pulsarThe Kurdish people by their historic sufferings have embellished the pattern of their independence, resilience and endurance with their blood;

pulsarThe Kurdish people have the same right to a national homeland as do such other nations as the Jews, the Armenians, the Belarusans and the Ukrainians; and without detriment to the rights of other nations, the Kurdish people require only that their rights to a homeland should be conceded as a fact, and as a fact that homeland should become established;

AND FURTHER the KurdLand Homeland Movement declares in the name of all Kurdish people to the whole family of nations that these principles are a valid claim in international law and will be expressed as follows:90

pulsarAll conventions, treaties and agreements on human rights adopted by the family of nations or by the majority within the family of nations on the basis of their justice and truth and their congruence with universal human nature shall be adopted by KurdLand;

pulsarAll traditional religions of the Kurdish region shall be freely promulgated and practised without detriment to any of them or of any minority among their believers;

pulsarAll traditional rights and customs of the Kurdish people shall be honoured and preserved by law, save that no contravention of international provisions on human rights shall be upheld;

pulsarAll development of the natural resources of KurdLand shall be carried out with respect for the ecological constraints upon economies which international conventions, treaties and agreements on the environment enshrine;

pulsarAll claims to territory shall be advocated, defended and pursued by non-violent means so far as possible, save that the Kurdish people insist absolutely on their right to a homeland and will no longer tolerate any diminution of that claim.

pulsarAND HENCEFORTH the Kurdish Homeland Movement will make clear the vision of freedom, justice, unity and prosperity from the eminence of those values of independence, resilience and endurance which have always justified the Kurdish nationís rightful claims, and all this we declare to the family of nations with goodwill to all and in fear of none.



On behalf of the Kurdish Homeland Movement