Mismanagement of a country is worse than floods or earthquakes.

Those countries who occupy Kurdistan especially Iraq as well as those Kurdish political parties who are managing the area designated ‘safe haven’ are all tending to weaken and indeed to destroy the elements of economic life, agricultural resources and the education of the young .

The mismanages of Iraq and the Kurdish political parties know well that the outside world does not want to deal with them and their dictatorships. They do not care about the ordinary people of their countries; nor do they care about the Kurds.

We as a new generation are aware of world policies. We wanted to bring about a change in these areas so that we can begin to inject new life into Kurdistan and put new reforms into operation. This will be in union with wise international policies on peace and human rights.

Kurdistan is the richest country in the Middle East. The land is very rich in agricultural properties. In addition we have water and oil resources, gold, diamonds, iron, aluminium, copper and uranium.

The world knows that for thousands of years Kurdish people have tried to gain freedom through uprisings and revolutions but leader after leader has failed to succeed in this, The mistakes of the Kurdish leaders during World War 1, meant that they did not understand the oil policies, which divided Kurdistan into five parts. The new generation want co-operation with the outside world regarding this oil question.

Today’s new Kurdish generation want to change. We want to use economic methods to find allies outside the aggressors of Kurdistan and in this way we can make our aims clear and gain our Independence.

As the new generation is aware of the world’s policies on freedom of speech, human rights, an open and free trade market, we turn our vision to the south of Kurdistan which, during the Ottoman Empire, was called Mosul Vilayet and now belongs to Iraq.

We believe that there are two ways in which we can achieve independence for the Mosul Vilayet. One is to appeal to International law on the basis that the major states – indeed, all members of the United Nations ! - to look again at the formation of Iraq and how the dictators there have violated the laws originally put in place by the League of Nations. The second way is to set up a Kurdish army without the involvement of the aggressors of Kurdistan, and set up an airport to link our land with the outside world.

We as the new generation during 1991 promoted reforms in that part of Kurdistan which is known as Mosul Vilayet - in Northern Iraq - on legal, political and economic matters. We have informed the world community and the local regimes – especially the Iraqi government - that the right way is to follow the principles and resolutions of the League of Nations and its successor the United Nations. According to these, it is fair for Kurdistan to have independence. That is what we want. We want independence for Kurdistan.

The new generation is informing the world community that we do not want to remain under the Iraqi flag any longer.