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Independent Kurdistan will benefit everyone

February 22, 2005


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For over a thousand years, we, the Kurds have been ruled, and mostly oppressed by Arabs, Persians and Turks, in particular where the Islamic faith is used as an ideological tool.

The end of the First World War and collapse of the Ottoman Empire brought hope and many expectations to the Kurds. We sought the dawn of a new era, bringing modernisation and independence to us and our neighboring peoples. It however only resulted in the Great Powers of the day partitioning Kurdistan.


These powers then began to negotiate and purchase Kurdish oil from the new Arab, Turkish and Persian states which they had created, almost from nothing, causing huge injustice to the Kurds and culminating in the instability and conflicts of today.


The revenues from this oil were later used by the artificial new states to remove the West from the Middle East, and to fuel further conflicts.

For over 80 years we the Kurds have protested to major powers that most of these regimes are terror states, which deny democracy to their people, use religion as a tool, plunder everything in their path and willfully kill any persons who thwart their objective.


Our Kurdish culture and roots are close to Europe. History proves that we, like the Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Franks, Saxons and Britons are of Indo-European source.

I can truthfully state that we Kurds prefer economic cooperation with modern Europe, to fuse our resources, manpower, intelligence and wealth, so creating a stronger role for Europe in the Middle East. Kurdistanís geologically proven wealth not only features oil and gas, but many other minerals and water resources.


Kurdistanís large and varied population has long traditions of technical, intellectual and artistic skill.


The political geography of the Middle East today is unstable. It requires urgent changes, including a Road Map for a new and stable, prosperous and progressive Middle East. Greater Kurdistan must exist, or there will never be stability.


These changes must enable the Greater Kurdistan to exist, with the creation from Syria of a 400-kms Free Zone stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the borders of current Iraq. The New Iraq must be divided from the intersection of the Euphrates River at Baghdad; Iran must give up Kurdish territory from the Straits of Hormuz to the Caspian Sea.


Oil geologists know the extent of oil reserves in this region, and their potential to solve the increasingly short supply of oil in the world. Kurdish Oil and Western partnership will provide that supply security, within secure, just and stable frontiers.

It is now, more than ever, the time for US, British and world opinion to pay serious attention to the Kurdish people. The current situation is not tenable. An independent Kurdistan homeland must be established without delay. This is the essential cause of all action by myself, Sardar Pishdare, for the past 15 years and it will continue until our goal is achieved.

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